Panaccess GmbH and C-Kur TV Inc. announce their first collaboration with C-Kur TV supplying CI+1.4 C

Cardless and ensuring state-of-the-art security, C-Kur TVs Panaccess-enabled CAMs also add a whole host of CI+1.4 and other innovative features such as:

  • Watch and record PVR functionality including trick-play modes when combined with some external storage like a USB device

  • multi-stream feature means a single CAM and host interface will be able to handle two encrypted services on different transport streams for a dual-tuner device

  • possibility to deliver hybrid broadcast/IP services with CAMs as the DRM agent

  • CI+ 1.4 standard allows revocation of compromised CI+ Hosts

  • Watermarking which C-Kur Tv implemented with ContentArmor and readily available for Panaccess use on high value content distributed with CAMs

Last but not least, C-Kur TV implemented in record time an SAS interface so the Pantelio’s HBBtv service could be accessed on CAMs the exact same way and with the exact same features as on traditional Set Top Boxes. Through this feature and other possible upgrades listed above, C-Kur TV CAMs offers a future-proof path to Pantelio’s CAM business.

“Although we are a relatively new name in the CAM market” explains Kwangsub Sohn, C-Kur TV’s CEO, “our customer dedication and know-how have been key factors in Panaccess recommendation of our CAMs to the Pantelio DTH platform operators. Product wise, our CAMs also offer a noticeably faster processor which makes our CAMs an overall better product. OTA updates are much faster, and our ProCAMs have been independently tested with Panaccess CAS and delivered a 32-services simultaneous decryption, which we believe to be a first!”

Roland Schlichting, Panaccess CEO added: “Working with C-Kur TV’s development team was a smooth and reliable experience for all involved. They tailored their product to our exacting demands and were efficient in doing so. We also value the quality, dependability and performance of the CI+1.4 CAM and are confident it is the right choice for this strategic project for our future.”

For more information, visit or or make an appointment with us at IBC 2018.

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