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-          Plug and Play

-          DVB CI Plus 1.4 Compliant PCMCIA CICAM (CI Plus)

-          CA Chipset Pairing (based on Advanced Secure Chipset)

-          CAS embedded officially certified product

-          Support MPEG-2/MPEG-4/SD/HD/UHD/3D

-          Supports DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm, DVB-CSA2/DVB-CSA3

-          Supports IPTV Default Scrambling Algorithm (IDSA), ATIS  0800006

-          Multi-stream support for CI+ 1.4 (CI Plus)

-          HBBtv compatible

-          Dual smart card reader

-          CA Menu and Message

-          Support multi language

-          Application MMI MHEG-5 script using CI Plus Browser (CI Plus)

-          OTA software upgrade DVB SSU compliant

-          Secure Boot





-          4 Mbytes Serial flash, 64 Mbytes embedded DDRSDRAM

-          ISO 7816-3 Smartcard Interface

-          Two channel 2048 bytes of data buffer for High Speed Host Interface for PCMCIA

-          170Mbps MPEG-2 transport stream processing capability

-          Up to 128 PIDs for Multi Services descrambling (Professional CAM)

-          PID filters 100% software configurable with 128 simultaneous PIDs

-          256 Section Filters 100% software configurable with 1 section byte

-          Multiple control words for descrambling and for CI+ CC (CI Plus, Professional CAM)

-          Memory to memory crypto engine



Physical & Electrical


-          Dimension : PCMCIA Type II

-          ISO 7816-3 Smartcard Interface

-          Operational voltage : 4.5 ~ 5.5V

-          Operational current : Less than 200mA

-          Power consumption : TBD

-          CE RoHS

C-KUR TV’s Conditional Access Module (CAM) is the DVB-CI Plus version 1.4 compliant CI CAM that provides the conditional access functions in a Common Interface (CI) environment.  It is mounted on PCMCIA form factors (PC Cards) which can be inserted in any CI-compliant DVB receiver (STB or IRD) and integrated Digital TV (iDTV). The CI CAM descrambles the scrambled MPEG2-TS from STB or iDTV and transmits a clear or re-scrambled MPEG2-TS to iDTV or STB.
C-KUR TV’s Conditional Access Modules (CAM) exist in CI, CI+ 1.4 as well as a Professional version
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