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C-Kur TV adds Forensic Watermarking to CI CAMs, thus further enhancing operators’ anti-piracy option

[if !supportLists]C-Kur TV partnered with established Watermarking experts ContentArmor of France to implement Forensic Watermarking functionality in our CAMs

[if !supportLists]ContentArmor™ Watermark is a security technology intended to deter actors along the content value chain from leaking content. To do so, an invisible forensics watermark is embedded within the content to uniquely identify the device or the recipient whom it has been delivered to. ContentArmor two-step video watermarking algorithm operates directly in the bitstream, thus resulting in blitz-fast embedding and enabling integration at any point of the distribution chain, including now in C-Kur TV’s Consumer and Pro CAMs.

[if !supportLists][endif]C-Kur TV’s Europa chipset has sufficient computational power to process the descrambling as well as modify the bitstreams in real time, before sending them to the CAM TS output (and, in case of a CI+ cam, before applying the CI+ rescrambling)

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